At Award Coaching, we provide business and life coaching to real estate agents and brokers nationwide. Our coaching services make you more confident, improve your sales success rate and help you go to the next level in your life and business.

The founder of Award Coaching, Ava Khamooshi, is a certified business coach who has helped 1000s of realtors and has over 10 years of coaching and consulting experience. She is also a certified life coach and a doctoral candidate of clinical psychology.

She has a postgraduate certification in industrial and organizational psychology, master's in clinical genetics, and a degree in microbiology. 

A unique approach

Most real estate coaches deliver general guidelines and techniques rather than focusing on your individual psyche and how you, as a unique person, perform in life and business.

If you have tried coaching before, you should know now frustrating it can be to tell your coach "I know the the theory, but it just doesn't work for me".

Our approach is different. Ava's expertise of both the business world as well as human psychology, enable her to take a holistic approach, with you at the center of it.  

Starting with a deep psychoanalysis, she will uncover your individual challenges and discover what's truly holding you back from success. 

She will explore your personality style through a variety of evaluations and observations before presenting you with a solution. She knows that there is no silver bullet or one strategy fits all.

By tailoring her coaching to your unique challenges and opportunities, she is able to maximize your chances of achieving your goals.

Hear from our clients

Instead of giving you questionable written testimonials, we are providing you with credible video testimonials and full references to the identity of realtors we have helped.

Why not click below to watch them talk about their stories and experience with Ava or feel their passion about their results.

Killer Strategy

Do you want a killer strategy to win most of your clients? How does it feel to go on daily appointments helping new buyers and sellers sign long term agreements with you? We help you create a cashflow system by making you stronger and more organized. If you're committed, we are committed for you!


When you join the "Winner Family", you're starting a journey of self-improvement in order to make a ton of money, stand out from the competition, have work-life balance, and be a happier person in general.

Winner Family, is a 12 month coaching program. What you will get through this program is as following:

One-on-One Coaching Sessions via psychoanalysis leading to breakthroughs, awareness, and self-understanding

Group Coaching Sessions through Zoom meetings via audio and video

24/7 access via Voxer to your coach

Custom-made solutions, resources, scripts, business strategy innovation plans, and homework assignments

Access to a rich database of recorded past meetings

Self-pace study through online modules

Invitation to our private events, networking groups, conferences, classes and fun parties with other members

Winner Family is more than a coaching program. It's a lifestyle, it's a choice. Send us an email and we will call you with more information on how to join.


Award Coaching provides business and life coaching to realtors nationwide.  Your solution is tailored and optimized at every session based on your progress and homework is given to help you with your goals. Ava is your accountability partner and a resource for the majority of your needs. We have a large collection of tools, video and audio tutorials, scripts, and manuals necessary for your progress.  


As a client of Award Coaching, you learn integrity, self-discipline, scheduling, time-management, task-management organizational skills, planning, journaling, vision boards and SMART goal setting. We help you to create and manage your calendar following the 80/20 rule through automation, delegation, and prioritizing.


At Award Coaching, we provide you unique scripts for a variety of leads so you can set more appointments with your buyers and sellers. As the market shifts, and competition gets more fierce, it's becoming more crucial to master scripts that are different from other agents.
Listing scripts are provided for a variety of leads such as:

FSBO, Expired, and Cancelled listings

Just Listed, Just Sold, Open House, Cold Calling, Circle Calling, Farming, door knocking, and Neighborhood Prospecting

Sphere of Influence, Friends, and Family Prospecting

Out of State Owners, Rentals, Cash Offers

NOD, Foreclosure, Short Sale, and Distressed Properties​

Buyer scripts are provided for a variety of leads such as:

Zillow, Redfin, and leads

Facebook ads, Google, and online leads

Sign calls, Radio ads, and Open Houses

Investors, and Fixer Upper Flips, as well as luxury clients

Leads from events, seminars, workshops, and networking groups


As of today, there are over 1.3 million real estate agents all over the US. How do you differentiate yourself? 

At Award Coaching, we focus on the most important aspect of your business which is advertising and marketing. We teach you how to brand yourself utilizing social media such as: YouTube Video Marketing, Twitter , Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, tumblr, Zillow,, and Trulia. 

At Award Coaching, you will learn how to generate leads and follow up with your prospects through email marketing, phone calls, mailers, and face-to-face contacts. Having a CRM system, an integrated database, a 3 way predictive dialer, and a proven system are key to maintaining a steady flow of business.

We will teach you how to build teams, delegate tasks and automate your strategies through technology and outsourcing. Branding yourself through content marketing, articles, blogs, and educational seminars are some of the few strategies, you will master at Award Coaching.​ 


At Award Coaching, we believe in having it all, a complete work-life balance. The key to happiness is to have fulfilling, supportive and fun relationships with your friends, family, intimate partner, children, and your clients.  

At Award Coaching, you will learn how to regulate your emotions, and manage anger through healthy communication, conflict resolution, setting boundaries and saying no.

We believe in meditation, mindfulness, healthy nutrition, and fitness. Our goal is to move you beyond limitation and fear into passion and joy. Life is a journey worth exploring and we believe in having it all.


At Award Coaching, our goal is to improve your presentation skills so you can convert your appointments to signed contracts. Negotiation, objection handling, and closing your potential prospects require specific skills.

We help you to move your clients from A to Z by understanding their needs and structuring your presentation in order to achieve a win-win solution. 

You will learn how to understand your client's motivation based on pain and pleasure while calling for action based on their needs and not yours. You will learn closing skills necessary for lead conversion as well as price setting through a consultative approach.

Rapport building through mirroring, body language and laser focus on your client facilitate the end-result which is mutual agreement on price and terms. We help you to understand your customers by asking open-ended and close-ended questions so that your client asks you to close them instead of you pushing for the sale.

You will learn goal setting during presentation and how to focus on your prospect's intention, and motivation. Using visual aids, graphs, and tools while demonstrating your market analysis allow you to have more buyers and seller sign Buyer Broker Agreements, and Listing Agreements so that you can dedicate your time to your real pipeline.

Click here to watch the 1% Agent show, where Ava interviews the top real estate coaches and entrepreneurs in the country on the topic of success:

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