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Working with Ava Khamooshi, I learned a lot , she gave me great tips and I’m very grateful to her.


Jim Blanscet

I've had the extreme pleasure of working with Ava Khamooshi on several transactions, including ones that involved coordinating multiple properties all linked together with highly sensitive timing.

Ava's ability to keep all parties informed and in proper communication so that everyone is "in the know" and understands the process is incredible. Ava goes over and beyond to make sure her clients are well-taken care. In addition, Ava believes in keeping communication open between all parties and works very closely with the cooperating agent, escrow, lender and all other parties to make sure the transaction is going smoothly and to make sure that everyone has what they need for a successful closing. If you are looking for a Real Estate Agent who has your best interest at heart and who will work closely with all parties to facilitate a successful closing, then I highly recommend Ava Khamooshi!★★★★★

Stephanie Nitzel

Ava Khamooshi guided us through a very complicated 1031 exchange with flying colors.

This included a sale and purchase. Very professional. Kept our interests in mind at all times. We hold her in high regard. ★★★★★

Shirley Hale

Ava Khamooshi went above and beyond to assure our sale went through.

She also worked hard and found purchase listings consistent with our requirements. We appreciate her commitment to representing our interests in a very professional manner. Ava performed admirably on our behalf. We were very pleased. ★★★★★

Don Hale

It’s a great thing that I met with Ava Khamooshi.

He has helped me focus on what I need to do. I know all the steps I need to follow which is exactly what I needed to hear. Now I know exactly what the next step is. Thank you very much for your service Ava. I appreciate it. ★★★★★

Victor Guadarrama

I came to Ava Khamooshi with an open heart and took her on her offer to help me.

I have a couple of businesses in San Diego. To my surprise, Ava helped me with time-management, re-evaluating interactions, and re-defining goals. I approve Ava, if you're looking for help or assistance in real estate. She helps with scheduling and planning the transaction. I appreciate all her help. Thanks a lot. ★★★★★

Angel Hernandez

My daughter and I have been working with three agents a year before , but Ava Khamooshi was the one who turned our dreams into reality.

Ava has been introduced to us virtually at first (we are out-of-town), but then we met. Her performance throughout the whole process, responsiveness to our needs through asking clarifying questions and inquiring about different aspects of the deal exceeded our expectations. She has a superior knowledge of the real estate inventory, the regulations and clauses as well as tendencies. We are so happy to get a new lovely home in San Diego. ★★★★★

Tatyana Suhova

I would highly recommend Ava Khamooshi and her team as both a listing and buyer’s agent.

IN TWO MONTHS, she was able to complete the sale of our investment property that had been on and off the market for over two years with various other listing agencies. And even more impressive was that it was completed in March of 2020 during a peak in the COVID19 scare, managing a variety of issues and concerns on both sides of the sale. One of them being, we executed a 1031 exchange. In the midst of all the negotiations and documentation on the sale, she and her team helped us locate an exchange investment property, negotiate to an accepted offer and guide the escrow agent through the purchase. Closing both the 1031 exchange sale and purchase within 2 days of each other. We are very happy with Ava and her team – wish we had started with her and her team when we first listed.★★★★★

William Gibson

I've recently been getting help from Ava Khamooshi.

She's been very helpful, the most helpful out of anyone by far for me. She is motivating and has a great method on teaching concepts and I've been very happy with her techniques. ★★★★★

Brady Scheufler

When I had a conversation with Ava Khamooshi, she showed me certain things I needed so I look forward to continue working with her and I look forward for the changes are coming this year.


Javier Feria

Ava Khamooshi really helped me out.

I would definitely recommend Ava. ★★★★★

Sophie Dragg

I’ve been working with Ava Khamooshi to help me with marketing and she has really helped me a lot.

Actually I love Ava, if it wasn’t for her to come along, I was actually in a low spot and she brought me up. She is still brining me up, helping me with all kinds of needs. I really love her. I so appreciate her work. Thanks! ★★★★★

Michele Murphy

Ava Khamooshi has been great, coming up with a lot of tips for me.

We talked about marketing which definitely helped me. Thank you Ava ★★★★★

Ali Alhadawi

Ava Khamooshi comes with great ideas.

Thank you Ava, I appreciate your time and effort. ★★★★★

Kristine Jolly

I just wanted to say Ava Khamooshi is a true rock star in the industry.

I'm from the San Francisco Bay area and I had some long time clients that are like family to me. They wanted to buy a home in the San Diego area. I had told them I would look for a top agent to help them. I looked at reviews of many agents and called about 5 to interview them. I finally settled on Ava and what a great decision that was. Ava was very in tune to the client's wants and needs as well as what they didn't want. She treated them like family and friends from the start witch was a really wonderful thing to see. Very refreshing to see her care and be so genuine. she found them a wonderful home at a low price with great terms. I would for sure recommend her to anyone of my other clients or family. I hope we can do business again in the future..Thank you Ava you are more of an agent then I ever expected and our clients love you. ★★★★★

Paul Manriquez

I recommend Ava Khamooshi to anyone.

She has great communication abilities. ★★★★★

Roberto Pilato

Ava Khamooshi, pointed out to some areas that I wasn't aware of.

She made me rethink of a few things and I'm very glad I met her. Thank you Ava. ★★★★★

Charmaine Hogan

I just wanted to highly recommend Ava Khamooshi.

The results that Ava was able to produce on the very first day for me, were life changing. They were drastic results, that’s why I can honestly say for what Ava can bring to the table for you, are something that if you’re serious about producing high level results, I would highly recommend her. Have her come to your table, and bring the incredible value of her knowledge and serious improvements to your life. Call he immediately. ★★★★★

Eric Rodriguez

Lynette Wallace has been amazing.

She negotiated better deals than we had any right to expect on both selling and buying our house.

David Culley

I’ve been working with Ava Khamooshi for a few weeks, and already seeing a lot of progress.

Thank you Ava. ★★★★★

Brian Hart

Ava Khamooshi is simply the best in her field!

Her patience, professionalism, and knowledge of the real estate market are just a few reasons why she is an amazing agent! she kept me informed all the way through the process, and was extremely timely with her paperwork preparation. I would certainly work with her again, and recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell a house. ★★★★★

Borna E

I hired Ava Khamooshi to help me with my purchase.

I was a first time home buyer and had a lot of questions. Ava was so patient and professional. She went above and beyond helping me from the start to the end of transaction. She helped me get an amazing deal on my purchase. Ava and her team are the best in the industry and I'm so grateful to call my new place my home! I highly recommend her! Thanks Ava!★★★★★

Mrs. Kheiri

Ava Khamooshi is the best, she helped me realize what I need to do and I’m so thankful for that.

She specifically helped me with understanding my timing and scheduling goals. ★★★★★

Nedy Garcia

Ava Khamooshi is absolutely amazing.

It’s unbelievable the amount of knowledge she has that she can help with all sorts of things that you might need. She is definitely the one you want to talk to. ★★★★★

Anthony DaSliva

After talking with Ava Khamooshi, I’m sure that she is going to change my life.

She is very knowledgable, is a really good listener. She has tons of background on the business side and personal side and I’m really looking forward for our weekly meetings. ★★★★★

Kelli Woodard

Ava Khamooshi has been really helpful for me, setting some new goals for my success.

Thanks! ★★★★★

Bruce Weinkauf

Ava Khamooshi is fantastic.

I definitely highly recommend her. I'm very excited. ★★★★★

Angela Erk

I feel very fortunate having worked with Ava Khamooshi on a home purchase in San Diego.

My mom and I live outside the area and relied on Ava to find us the right house at a great price, get our offer accepted, coordinate inspections and be there for us every step of the way. I know things went very smoothly because Ava is proactive, works great with all parties involved, has strong work network and is very knowledgeable. I was impressed by Ava from the beginning when she reached out and asked questions as to the kind of property we were looking for. After providing several property options, she reached out again to understand which houses we liked and why. Through-out the search, I could see that she was very engaged, understood our needs and wants, and in a matter of weeks found us a great house. I highly recommend Ava! ★★★★★

Lyuba Suhova

Ava Khamooshi is so helpful, she goes over challenges and comes with great solutions.


Angelie Karako
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